Core values

Enterprise vision
We are committed to integrating innovation and technology, commercialization of medical technology, and global connectivity through the fangge promote the care of the world.
- Continue to create and produce the world's top medical trolley products.
- leading the world's leading innovative medical cart industry.
-Providing better and safer working environment for employees in career planning.
-Commitment to create maximum overall benefits and value for customers and shareholders.
-Giving back to the community and becoming a public good.
Core values
- Early heart
We are not subject to external pressure and temptation, return to the original mind, do the right thing, and do the right thing.
Instead of pursuing short-term benefits and superficial prosperity, we have always regarded persistence in making products with temperature as an unswerving feeling of enterprises.
We are determined to establish an enterprise with a sense of happiness and belonging.
We inject the concise, efficient and reliable experience into the heart of the product with the understanding and moving design.
Sharing the products that cross the region, culture and belief with the world through equality and friendship.
Perfunctory can also live, uncompromising but can live wonderfully.
Non-compromise is a belief that every ordinary thing should be done until it is unusual. It is a belief that every established limit can be turned into history and the next miracle can be created.
It is the ultimate and unwavering adherence.
- Open
Openness is not a choice for us, but a gene that is rooted in nature.
Only by keeping learning and not being self-confident, can we not forget our first thoughts; only by being good at embracing change and knowing what is good, can we go further.
We respect differences and encourage partners to develop together.
We are a checkerman and a family. We are happy to applaud other people's success.
Tomorrow is unknown. We are willing to create possibilities with any partner who holds the same idea.
- Love our love.
Because we love to gather here, this is a tacit understanding.
To do something well is not just to follow certain norms, but to love from the heart.
Love is the only driving force to turn a job into a career.
- Trust
Many great achievements were originally a seemingly impossible idea. Between "believing and seeing" and "seeing and believing", we choose the former.
We believe that we can do something different to influence or even change the world that we will live in.
This is not to aim high or to talk, but to believe in and advance in the dream.