The term “custom” was originally used in tailor-made suits tailored to the tailor's requirements, and selected a “customized” or “already informed” fabric. When you customize a Fangge product, the process is similar, just like customizing your own watch, it is a perfect artistic and humanized product. Fangge's customized service is only what you can't think of, there is nothing we can't do.

Use hand-drawn graphics and computer-generated images to make the customization process more detailed. The entire process begins with the user and the discussion of the square, or personally visit our custom team in China. The team will discuss every aspect of the user's requirements, no matter how small, and strive for excellence.  

Customization options fall into two categories:  

Custom teams offer extended or optional features, and now users often choose these options, such as the addition of attachments on existing Fangge products.
When the user has a large change to the size, the customization team will re-plan the material, structure, function, redefine the relationship between the user experience and the desired product, and create a customized product that is customized.  

Either way, we'll create a unique cart file record for you – just like the fingerprint mark for each custom service task, documenting every process that goes through the Fangge production plant. Fangge customized service, defined by you.