Our concept of social responsibility and ideas

Fangge believes that actively fulfilling social responsibility is not only our obligation to promote social development, but also our commitment to sustainable development. Fangge firmly believes that social responsibility and corporate citizenship are beneficial to the sustainable development of the company. Therefore, the company has always adhered to the concept of "creating value for shareholders, providing opportunities for employees and assuming responsibility for the society". While pursuing economic benefits, the company pays attention to safeguarding the interests of shareholders and creditors, comprehensively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of creditors and employees, treating suppliers and users in good faith, and making every effort to reduce the production process. Energy consumption and pollutant discharge, actively engaged in poverty alleviation, school aid, community building and other public welfare undertakings, thereby promoting the coordinated and harmonious development of the company and the whole society.

Kindness is the only investment that never fails.- Henry David Thoreau





One person, one home, one earth, guarding our common good home, fangge is duty-bound.
Fangge regards the protection of the ecological environment and the construction of green homes as its most basic social responsibility, and is committed to achieving a good balance between economic growth, social development and environmental protection. fangge on product development, production, service and recycling of the entire value chain, fangge works with users and suppliers to develop innovative technologies, optimize resource utilization, promote green environmental protection, and jointly promote the sustainable development of the social economy.



Fangge big health concept - fangge will take responsibility for users and society at a more mature and steady pace, and contribute to human health.
Fangge regards life and health as its primary social responsibility. through innovative products, it solves the humanized user experience and allows users to easily use high-end medical carts to help build medical talents and improve medical service levels. Healthy medical ecology.

Win-Win Situation:

"Mutual benefit and win-win" and "value sharing" under the concept of "multiple symbiosis"--the core of fangge's win-win value.
Employees, customers, suppliers, medical fields and interdisciplinary professionals together form the basis for the development of the  square business and the basis for the organic development of the entire society. caring for employees, achieving customers, cultivating talents, sharing innovative competitive advantages with suppliers, and helping to continuously improve work and life and quality of life, fangge actively builds a healthy and beautiful social ecology, and strives for it.

Fangge believes that the future is a shared era. mutual help and win-win will make the society more harmonious and bring more growth opportunities to the company itself and its partners.
In fact, it is the shared mind and win-win concept that has made fangge's rapid development for 10 years.