Fangge company obtained CE certificate of european union

Date:2018-12-03 11:11:56



On November 27, 2018, after strict product testing and parameter verification, Fangge Company successfully passed the certification of the Italian authoritative certification authority and obtained the CE certification of the European Union. This not only means that Fangge products have passes to EU countries, but also fully proves that Fangge products meet international stringent medical standards and have international high quality products. In the process of internationalization, Fangge Company has taken every solid and powerful step, which demonstrates the vigorous and enterprising force of Fangge Company based on China and looking at the world.

In the past ten years, Fangge has maintained its advantages in the field of medical care equipment and has continued to innovate and expand its business into medical wards, operating rooms, supply rooms, and outpatient clinics. At the same time, Fangge also vigorously expands the seamless connection of smart medical care and builds the interconnection and interconnection of hospital information terminals. Fangge pursues both internal and external repairs, incorporating functional, aesthetic and innovative technologies into every detail of the manufacturing process. With the spirit of perfectionist craftsmanship, the values of the ultimate experience are given to the heart of the product, creating a new era of medical care.