Learning And Development

Working in fangge,agree with us
(pioneering, enterprising, selfless, honest and fair) and those who act according to these values.

  • While no day is the same at Fangge, every day is spent with a purpose and passion for making the world a better place, in ways both big and small. It’s a way of being that combines Deep Science, Meaningful Design and Unique Insights to open our minds to the possibilities all around us. To consider challenges with fresh approaches and vigor. It is the way we solve problems. It is what makes our company unique.

  • We have even taken a name for what we have done: passionate investment. Why is passion invested? Investing in the spirit of stimulating people to explore curiosity, imagination and willingness to act. The openness of input encourages transparency, trust and adventurism. Although the concept of input is active in our daily activities, its power is precisely its purpose.

  • We are committed to the benefit of society because we care about and respect each other, our users and the world we share. We are committed to producing high quality products, services and experiences, as this is what our users deserve. We are committed to building market leadership for our users and companies and are rewarding.

  • None of this is possible without our people, which is why we hire exceptional people and invest in their growth. Fangge has a culture of oneness, trust and continuous learning, enabling our associates to grow their personal capabilities and reach their full potential.